Choose the right utility cart for your business

What’s the first thing you tend to think of, when you think of utility carts? Maybe you keep one at your pharmacy, maybe you use one to push tools around your shop floor.

What most people don’t consider, however, is how handy utility carts can be around the home. If you find yourself needing convenient and practical storage that can be tucked away when not in use, utility carts can be more useful around the house than you might expect.

Utility carts can be perfect for both food storage, preparation, and presentation. During large meal preparations, utility carts can be perfect for storing needed ingredients or giving you an extra workspace to prepare side dishes or store things on during the cooking process. Or, if you prefer, they can be used to increase pantry space or add an extra bit of shelving to your spice racks.

The dining room can take advantage of utility carts too – use them as a rolling serving cart for larger meals, or store cocktail ingredients on them for easy serving.

Large manufacturing plants often require moving massive quantities of parts and products from one station to another.  Laksi carts, will allow you to move those components easier without increasing traffic in your warehouse. Some individuals may have to move between rooms throughout the day.

Laksi presents you with various models of utility carts to suit your need.

Shelf Type

Shelf type Utility Cart has four shelves that can each hold a total of 1600 lbs (725 Kg) made of. Since there are wheels on the cart, you can load it up with whatever is necessary and simply wheel it into the next room. The shelves also have the ability to reverse in order to create a tray with a lip to eliminate items from falling while the cart is in motion.

Heavy Duty Cart

Laksi, heavy duty cart is made to last, carrying a Lifetime Guarantee. The spark free, corrosion resistant aluminium construction will never rust, ideal for use in any environment.

These all aluminium ergonomic platform trucks allow a single person to easily tackle what would normally be a two person job. The overall width is 34″ enabling the cart to go through all doorways, gates and screen enclosures.

  • The cart was designed to haul large heavy & bulky items.  The principal behind the Patent was leverage and counter balance.
  • One person does the work of two people (labour savings cut in half!)
  • Aluminium (NOT STEEL) eliminates deterioration problems caused by salt, fertilizer and harsh chemicals.
  • Spark resistant, perfect for chemical material handling.
  • Our cart gives your business a professional appearance year after year (no rusting carts & wagons).
  • Breaks down for ground shipment with very little assembly required.
  • Years of service with thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Last but not least, the cart goes through all gates, doors and entry ways.  Making those deliveries more profit, and less pain.

Medium Duty Cart

This 3-shelf medium duty utility cart with capacity of 1250 LBS ( 567KG) is ideal for transporting salad bar items, cookware and dishes. The unit has cold rolled steel, 16 gauge (0.063” Thick, 1.6 mm) welded construction for maximum durability. This 3-shelf utility cart features double in tray in front for more space and tools.

  • Trays: Black, Grey or Blue (Powder coated).
  •  5.0” (127mm) diameter Casters, 2 swivel with brakes and 2 rigid
  • Distance between trays: 13.0” (330.0 mm)
  • Top and middle shelves can be installed lip up or down
  • Nylon inserted nuts to resist loosening

Secured Carts

This special cart, come with 2 drawers with ball bearing slides & lockable option to secure valuables (Full length slide capability)

  • Drawer dimension26.000”x 12.000”x 12.000” (Height)
  • Durable red nylon inserts
  • Black Anodized aluminum handle
  • 2 front side supports and bottom trays are for consumables and to organize
  • Heavy duty industrial casters (2 swivel with brake, 2 rigid)

Foldable Utility Cart

Foldable aluminium utility cart with wheels, High Quality cart with innovative solution. Easily foldable and you can keep it in the boot of your car and carry it where ever you go or use it whenever you want. Shop around to fulfil your household needs

  • Perfect solutions to carry shopped items back to your apartment easily, Carry all your baggage at no cost.
  • Our carts are small enough to fit into any type of elevator
  • Strong enough to carry weight up to 125Kg or 275 pounds
  • Luxurious and affordable makes your life easier and comfortable
  • Made out of aluminium metal to prevents rust and corrosion
  • It is perfect while you go out for picnic or camping
  • Easy to use and handle
  • On time investment
  • Call us to know more about the product: 905 465 7025
  • Visit our website for more details: http://www.laksicarts.com

Liquor Cart

Your party is in full swing, and your guests are scattered in every room of the house. People are in the living room, in the bedroom, on the porch, and who knows, if the party is really good, guests are dancing in street. The challenge with a huge, awesome party is to keep every glass filled with the right alcoholic beverage, without requiring guests to give up their party real estate and return to a single serving area.

  • Top tray can be fabricated to suit any bottle size, Hole size is adjustable
  • Bottom and middle trays are for packages
  • Non-Marking Protech threaded castor (Thermo Plastic Rubber)
  • Ideal for smooth and easy rolling where noise is an issue
  • Double ball bearing
  • Assembled and ready to use

Foldable Liquor Cart

Uratech designed a unique cart(Foldable Liquor Cart) to help customers to return their empty bottles without any hassle.

Customer can fold this cart and be able to store in their car. When needed, customer can unfold, rack all their bottles and return to the store easily.

  • This cart is ideal for outdoor parties and camping.
  • This cart can be used as utility cart as well.
  • Top Tray: Can be fabricated to suit any bottle size, Hole size is adjustable.
  • Bottom and middle trays if for packages.
  • Non-Marking Protech threaded castor (Thermo plastic Rubber)
  • Ideal for smooth and easy rolling where noise is an issue.
  • Double ball bearing.
  • Assembled and ready to use.
  • Can be delivered to your door.

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