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Part Number: LAK - 612

Laksi – Foldable utility & camping cart


  • Material: Aluminum, 0.063” Thick (Anodized) (Color can be changeable)
  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Cart dimensions: 20.000” x 30.000”x 38.000” (Height from floor)
  • Cart dimensions when folded: 20.000”x 30.000”x 10.000” (Height from floor)
  • Holes on top tray can be adjusted to suit any bottle size.
  • Can be able to fold when not in use and easily store at the back of your car.
  • Hard rubber castors (2 Swivel with brake and 2 rigid) (try to add attached picture for castor as well, if needed)
  • Assembled and delivered to your door, ready to use.
  • Description: Laksi designed a unique cart to help customers to return their empty bottles without any hassle.
  • Customer can fold this cart and be able to store in their car.
  • When needed, customer can unfold, rack all their bottles and return to the store easily.
  • This cart can be used as utility cart as well.

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