Laksi Carts Inc. is an ISO certified organization in Canada that manufactures a wide range of tool Carts for various CNC holders.
We offer ten main types of carts for different CNC machines available to choose from at LAKSI. Our main goal is to make sure the carts work seamlessly, so we have done a few things to help. Our carts are made from thick, cold-rolled steel and powder coated to avoid rusting. We also have Durable Nylon inserts to eradicate metal-to-metal contact between CNC holders and keep them in place during movement. Our prices are competitive, and we do not compromise on quality.
We have carts that will help keep your tools safe and organized, but we also have holder cabinets that are transportable and can carry smaller handheld tools along with CNC holders.
 Laksi carts manufacture Tool carts for all types of CNC Holders, (CAT 30BT 30CAT 40BT 40CAT 50BT 50HSK 40HSK 63HSK 100 CAPTO C6).
 We offer same-day delivery in Canada & the U.S.

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