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Why CNC Tool carts are important for CNC Holders.

CNC tool carts are carts specifically designed to hold CNC holders in a safe and convenient way with nylon inserted holders that absorb movement so the tools do not move while being transported to other areas of your company. Some of the main perks the CNC tool cart has is that the cart is made from steel and it is powder coated to a fine finish that offers long-lasting durability. Moreover, our cart is designed to work in industrious areas so it has increased stability from the polyurethane wheels. Also, our cart has an extra 2 rows for the storage of simpler hand-held tools. Finally, we offer a wide range of CNC tool carts from CAT 30/40/50 to HSK 40/60/100.

CNC Holders are an expensive investment for all companies so it is crucial to make sure they do not get damaged as they do have a tendency to get damaged and scrapped easily due to the metals they are made of. To avoid this, LAKSI carts have designed a cart with Durable Red Nylon Inserts so that these CNC holders can stay in the Nylon inserts without rubbing on other metals when not in use. Moreover, CNC Tool carts help manufacturing companies to organize their work and increase productivity. Nowadays, companies face challenges to move their CNC Holders from one machine to another without worrying about damage but by using Laksi’s CNC Tool cart, customers can secure their tool holders in the cart in a neat and safe way.

Laksi carts is a company established in 2007 with over a decade of expertise in the cart making business. Our main objective is to deliver long-lasting products that meet or exceed your expectations. We sell everything from the typical tool carts to the more innovative steps carts that take convenient handling to a whole new level. Another specialty we have is the lockable models of our tool carts that can be used to store away your valuable CNC holders with a heavy-duty cover and number lock. We can also make custom carts that can be specifically engineered for your different tool needs. Just shoot us an email at with your specifications.


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